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Jul 18, 2012 5:00am EDT
baltimore today. that's where the governor is going to meet with city lawmakers there. yesterday he met with house speaker michael bush and state senate majority leader mike miller. he could call for a special session of the general assembly to talk about this more. that's where they would consider expanding gambling in the state including table games and possibly adding a sixth cuisine foe at a site in prince george's county. >>> the time is 5:35. i'm watching your money and your identity. we hear about identity theft on a regular basis, so much so, you may be tuning that information out, but you really need to pay attention because you could stand to lose cold hard cash. so how do you know your identity has been stolen? daily finance gives us these five red flags. number one, your crazy card gets declined for an unknown reason. if this happens you to, it could be a sign your account has been hacked. check your account immediately. take action immediately. number two, mystery charges appear on your statement. these purchases might be really small amounts but that could mean bigger
Jul 20, 2012 5:00am EDT
caused even worse flooding to our north in and around baltimore. several parts of the city were left under water and plenty of it. down trees and power lines reported in baltimore city and the county as well as part of anne arundel county. baltimore city police were forced to block off a number of intersections because of flooding. >>> the parents of an 8-year- old prince william county boy are charged with felony child abuse. amy and matthew sweeney of net hollow court in bristow were arrested after the child turned up at a house on glen meadow lane and appeared to be lost. the boy had severe bruising all over his body. they believe the abuse happened on a constant basis. the child is in the custody of child protective services. >>> 5:04 now. 9 wants you to know there are new allegations of misspent tax dollars by the general services administration. the inspector general is now launching an investigation into a reward and motivation conference the gsa held in 2010 at a marriott in arlington. the one-day conference allegedly cost taxpayers almost $270,000. here's what some of the in
Jul 10, 2012 5:00am EDT
begin september 4. >>> baltimore's public works department is trying to avert a potential disaster. they are asking people who get their water from the city to conserve as much as possible. public works crews have found weak spots in a 54-inch transmission main which carries water to howard and anne arundel counties. today workers are going to try to perform some tests to see what kind of repairs are needed and whether or not the entire main needs to be shut off. >>> there are some people in southwest virginia who still do not have power after the june 29 epic storm around here. to get relief some of them are going to jail. the county jail has been reopened so people can have air conditioning and a place to sleep. the building was closed a few months ago when a new regional jail opened. >>> second careers are so- called encore careers are becoming increasingly popular. more and more people are into this. this is a way to reimagine ourselves or a way to deal with careers that simply vanished during the great recession. approximately nine million people have found new livelihoods aft
Jul 17, 2012 5:00am EDT
city of baltimore. supporters want to allow tables like blackjack in addition to the slot machines and there's a push to authorize a sixth casino site, possibly at national harbor. the governor could call a special session to address the gaming within the next few weeks. >>> so far there is mixed reviews when it comes to dominion virginia power's customers. a rate hike took effect yesterday when a new dominion plant in southwest virginia started operating. that increase works out to about $1.30 extra per month for a typical residential customer. however, dominion says the additional adjustments are being worked out with state regulators and those could drop the average bill by more than $4 starting in september. >>> the time right now is 5:34. i'm watching your money and the job market. one of the lingering tolls of the great recession has been on unemployment. with so many people out of work young people are having the hardest time finding a job. >> reporter: at 19 years old, she's already endured hardship. a foreclosure had her bouncing from house to house for three years until s
Jul 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
tennessee up toward bristol and kings port. johnson city over there. around here we've got 60s. mid-60s in gaithersburg. reston 67 this morning. college park 69. it's still 73 up in baltimore. 72 in fort belvoir this morning. 72 in prince frederick in calvert county. 70 in leesburg. a very comfortable morning. clear skies, great visibility as you're looking at the capitol dome. 74 reagan national. humidity 64% and there's the key for us. northerly winds, drier air there at 9 miles an hour. they'll be north, northwest much of the day 5 to 10. we have high pressure once again covering the middle of the country. been like this a lot this summer. that's why they've had the terrible drought and the terrible heat. places like st. louis, kansas city over a hundred once again. big storms in the northern plains. these storms are forced up and over. yes, more rain up in minnesota, the dakotas, these storms come around the ridge. yesterday we got some of those. this morning, though, that boundary is going to be off to our west. so we've got no problem. in fact, behind this boundary, the cooler, drier
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5